AMQF 2018 Quilt Challenge

AMQ Festival is proud to present our Quilt Challenge for 2018:




“The power of 5”

Quilt Challenge

Create a quilt that depicts the theme of “The Power of Five”. It is our Fifth Anniversary of running the ‘unique’ Australian Machine Quilting Festival and we want to celebrate this achievement. Juried quilts will be displayed at Festival with the winners announced at the Cocktail Party.

Whether it be 5 fabrics, 5 blocks, 5 objects, 5 feelings, 5 dreams...

Each entry is to be accompanied by your artists statement explaining your inspiration for your design: no longer than 250 words.



  1. All quilters are invited to submit an entry into the AMQ Festival Quilt Challenge for 2018.
  2. There is one category only. Entries can be based either on a traditional or a contemporary design that reflects and interprets the theme  ‘The Power of Five’
  3. All entries must be original.
  4. If the entrant has drawn inspiration from another artwork such as a photograph, that source must be acknowledged in the entry form. If the entrant has drawn inspiration from copyright artwork it is the entrant’s responsibility to secure permission from the copyright holder to use the artwork as inspiration in their entry. AMQ Festival Pty Ltd  has no responsibility or liability if an entrant contravenes copyright; this liability and responsibility will be entirely held by the entrant.
  5. An entrant may apply any techniques including piecing, appliqué, embroidery,  painting, inking, colouring, embellishing and/or manipulated fabric, etc.
  6. Each work must measure a maximum width of 90cm and up to 2.25m high with no minimum size. Quilts will be displayed/pinned on 1m wide black carpeted walls
  7. There is no entry fee for the challenge.
  8. The quilt must be machine quilted. This includes long-arm, short-arm or domestic machines. The quilt may be quilted with thread(s) of choice.
  9. A label with the entrant’s name & address must be attached to the back of the quilt and covered for judging.
  10. Announcement of the winners will be at the AMQ Festival Cocktail Party on Sept 20th 2018.
  11. Anyone can enter. An entrant’s quilt may be the work of more than one person as long as all parties who contribute to the quilt are nominated on the entry form as being the entrant. There is no limit of entries per person or group.
  12. Any fabrics can be used to create your challenge quilt.
  13. A ribbon will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd winning quilts.
  14. The prizes awarded are based on the interpretation of theme, excellence in design and craftsmanship.
  15. Entries are to be submitted online by 15th July 2018 along with two photographs. One image of the full quilt and a second closeup photo. Photos must be untouched and if the quilt does not reflect the photo then the quilt will be disqualified from the competition.
  16. Successful entrants will be notified with instructions on delivering their quilts
  17. All quilts that are juried into the final competition must be posted to AMQ Festival Pty Ltd by 15h August 2018.
  18. A Self Addressed pre-paid parcel bag must be included so AMQ Festival Pty Ltd are able to return quilts.

Copyright & Moral Rights:

The entrant retains copyright in the quilt and the photographs which the entrant submits with their entry save and except that the entrant grants AMQ Festival Pty Ltd the right to reproduce the digital photographs submitted for the purposes of the internal judging process and/or publicity and promotion.

By entering the competition an entrant gives permission to AMQ Festival Pty Ltd (AMQF) to photograph their quilt and agrees and acknowledges that all copyright in the photographs that AMQ Festival take of an entrant’s quilt is that of AMQ Festival. The entrant further grants to AMQ Festival a licence to produce, reproduce and publish in whole or part throughout the world an entrant’s statement as is submitted on the entry form which may be used in articles, ads, promotions, catalogues, books, websites, CDs, current event news coverage, and/or multimedia productions for and about the AMQ Festival or for and about quilting and creativity in perpetuity from time to time.


Any insurance cover required is the responsibility of the entrant for delivery to AMQ Festival or whilst in transit throughout the competition and return delivery back to the entrant at the end of the competition. Quilts will not be covered under any insurance policy of AMQ Festival. Should the quilt owner require insurance against theft, damage or other misadventure, this is solely the responsibility of the entrant and the entrant should effect such insurances as they require.

Entry Deadline:

All completed entry forms and digital images must be submitted no later than July 15th 2018. Please email any questions to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     or Ph:0448 256214

The entries will be judged by a panel of judges and may include sponsors involved. The juried quilt entries will go on display at AMQ Festival.


First Prize:   Cash & prizes, plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party
Second Prize:  Cash & prizes, plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party
Third Prize:  Cash & prizes, plus a ticket to AMQF Cocktail Party 

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