A Christmas Celebration

By Jane Rundle

Long ago we had a Christmas tree just like this, some dowel, painted green, it was simple and was adorned with much loved sparkly decorations.
It was a tree made with love by my husband.

The tree was superseded by a real one when we had children. I miss that simple rustic tree.
It was a reminder that it doesn't matter how big or small the tree is, it’s the family and the "gathering together" that matters.

A Christmas celebration


Breaking Down Barriers

By Lorraine Stone

My quilt is about celebrating the breaking down of the barriers that often surround people with mental or physical disabilities. Associations like Minda are doing a great job breaking down those barriers by supporting and helping these people.
It is also great when firms like Kennard & Kennard, AMQF and Horn Australia along with Minda are supporting this competition by their sponsorship and financial help.
I feel privileged to play a small part in this campaign; surely it is a reason for celebration.

Breaking Down Barriers

 Breaking Out

By Lynne Callaghan

Celebrating being able to break out of my space and enter a challenge.

Also celebrating being able to free motion quilt feathers after completing the 2014 AMQF classes. The classes with experienced tutors gave me the confidence to try different forms of quilting – a whole new world

Breaking out



Golden Canola

By Julie Heath

There are so many things to celebrate. I have chosen to showcase an Oil Seed Crop “Golden Canola”.

Canola seed is the size of a pin head, round and dark in colour. Once sown, they grow rapidly, providing a stalk with flower clusters.

Canola paddocks are visible from miles away once in flower due to its vibrant colour. The canola plant grows very tall with many flowers. Each flower becomes a seed pod, as they mature the flowers will wither and drop. Each plant produces 100’s of tiny oil seeds. The seed is grown primarily for its oil content, which varies due to climatic conditions. Products include cooking oils, sprays, spreads and bio fuels. It can also be used for a fodder crop, because of it extensive foliage.

The burgundy and orange represent the soil where the seed is sown.

The green the lush foliage

The golden yellow the flower and the sunshine

Blue and purple the sky and the rain which the plant needs to reach its full potential.



Cards and Flowers

By Lisa Maree Davis

When there is a celebration in our house there will always be cards and flowers. My quilt represents those gorgeously gift wrapped flower boxes and beautifully embossed cards that are just too pretty to throw away!

This quilt holds a special memory of all the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, graduations and homecomings celebrated in our family – all with cards and flowers!

Cards & Flowers


 Celebrate the Little Things

By Sandra Duhandziji & Ronda Hazell

From an ugly cocoon to a colourful, beautiful butterfly, as a child I was intrigued by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

A butterfly only lives for a short time. To me, represents the small wonders of our world & new beginnings. A butterfly, with its delicate wings and wonderful colours reminds me that we should take the time to celebrate the smallest things that give us joy and appreciate all that exists around us.

A butterfly is beautiful and free.

celebrate the little things

 Celebrate Everyday Moments

By Lynne Casson

My quilt is a whimsical view of Celebration.

When considering the theme, I thought of the simple everyday good things in life. Beauty is everywhere if you choose to see it. Nature is wonderful, from the colourful flowers and plants to those that sustain and nourish us; the fauna we see each day and those special people in our lives.

Life is not always perfect and smooth sailing but let us celebrate the life we have been given. We live in a fast paced world, an electronic world; we need to take time out, slow down and look, see what is around us an appreciate it.

The simple things in life are those which we cherish and remember; a picnic in the park on a lovely sunny day, listening to the delighted squeals of children running and playing; the beauty of nature.

celebrate the small moments


Celebrating Difference

By Sue Preece

My quilt was inspired by the following quote:
“In our work and our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction*”
This resonated with me and after all wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same?
So my quilt is a celebration of difference, represented by the merging of letters of different colours and typestyles into a mulitcoloured “celebration”.
Celebration for me is often associated with bubbles in champagne, in fizzy drink for children and balloons (which are really just bubbles of air), so I chose to quilt my entry with bubbles of many sizes and designs, which also merge into one large combined bubble.

* Audre Lorde, Black Woman Writers at Work. Ed Claudia Tate. NY:Contunium, 1983 100-16

celebrating difference

Celebration of Balloons

By Jo-Anne Hackney

Balloons always remind me of celebrations. Full of life and air.
I chose colours bright as a background for the lovely fabrics given for the challenge. It was a pleasure to create and I hope it gives pleasure and happiness to whoever wins it at the auction.
Thank you.

celebration of balloons 

Celebration of Cockatoos

By Rhonda Hazell

I am lucky enough to live in the Australian bush and find the local wild life very entertaining. We are visited frequently by kangaroos, possums and koalas but it is the birds that seem to bring the most joy. We wake to kookaburras laughing and the beautiful song of the magpies. To me it is the cockatoos that are the biggest characters and I imagine them ones to enjoy a celebration. While the cockatoos were so very obviously last in line when the best singing voices were allocated… Their inelegant squeaking is unmistakable! The cockatoos have a great range of expression and always seem to be up to some sort of mischief! The cockatoos are seldom alone in the wild and are always surrounded by their friends. They are also very brave…. I have seen them fly at a large eagle and shoo them away! This quilt symbolizes the cockatoos place in Australia and hints at what a celebration of cockatoos might look like.

celebration of cockatoos


By Dianne Giles

CELEBRATION – the word is evocative of a party, carnival, festival or gala event, or, it can also be a commemoration, remembrance, memorial or salute to a particular event.

Balloons and sparkles are synonymous with festivals and many remembrance events celebrated through out the world and each culture has its own way to celebrate.

No matter which Country you are from or what language you speak, whether it be Lithuanian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Maori, Greek, Swahili, Indonesian, Irish, Thai or Hindi to name a few there is a word in all languages which says – CELEBRATION.




By Lynne Callaghan

A celebration of nature – being free to fly around the colourful world of plants.


Far From Perfect – But Full of Love

By Cheryl Cundy

My mothers recent death affected me in ways I didn’t expect. I lost interest in almost everything and each day brought fresh tears and memories.
Mum was a quiet soul with a big heart. When I look back, she was always smiling, always finding something good in everybody she met. Her favorite saying was “if you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
I remember being a little girl, sitting on the back verandah. While she sewed and I played with her button jar, making bead necklaces and creating coloured patterns on the table. We danced to 50’s music on the radio. Oh my, she could dance. She had dreams of dancing in a theater, but married my father instead.
We had little money, but one of my sweetest memories is of my father buying her an armful of colourful pin-wheels for her birthday, which he planted amongst the vegetables. For months Mum would pause in her sewing, look at them whirling in the breeze and giggle. I remember that giggle like it was yesterday.

So, this quilt is a celebration of my mother’s memory, endlessly sewing, helping me sort out all the different coloured buttons and laughing joyously at the colourful pin-wheels whirling merrily in the wind.

A celebration of that infectious giggle I would dearly love to hear once more.

far from perfect

First Rose of Spring

By Val Giles

After a long cold winter, a celebration for me is the first signs of spring.
My beautiful Pink Rose is always the first to flower and I know then that spring is here, and time for a celebration.

first rose of spring


By Julienne Webb

I celebrate the freedom to play and experiment with colour and design. It is an adventure where the finished piece is a surprise



 Harmony in Diversity

By Brenda Williams

This is a convergence quilt where uniqueness and difference of colour, come together to form a harmonious whole.
The purple border edge represents the sky. The blue and orange triangles represent the sea and land respectively. Together they represent the earth.
The multi-coloured block represent the diverse qualities of the people, whom Minda supports. Together they show that Minda is a part of our community and not separate from it.
This quilt is a celebration of the people and Minda, and the positive contribution they give to each other, to create a diverse community.
Life is a celebration! We celebrate life!

Harmony in diversity

 Horses are Stars

By Helen Bobby

Celebration of horses.
Horses are stars.
It all started with childhood birthday wishes. Every “blow-out-the-candles-and-make-a-wish” occasion was an opportunity for my daughter to wish for a horse.
Now an adult and mother of three herself, my daughter recently confided her childhood wishes.
Even had I known of her wishes (remember, wishes must never be revealed), as an Adelaide suburban mother, I could never have made these wishes come true.
The result is this little quilt.
Horses are stars. They have universal appeal for children, for quite different reasons from their appeal and abilities as workmates. Think of the farm horses, parade and police horses, race horses, equestrian and dressage horses; the list goes on. Horses are stars.
Able, noble and appealing creatures who have graciously bent to the will of man. Gentle giants who, even in this modern age, mankind can not do without.

horses are stars

I Can Fly!

By Roma Crowhurst

This is my son Jason who has cerebral palsy, is totally blind and has autistic spectrum disorder with a mild intellectual disability.
Jason has been receiving services from Minda for most of his life. He went to a Minda School for a few years, worked in one of their sheltered workshops for all of his working life and currently lives in one of Minda’s supported community houses. He was also a very active member of Tutti, who are supported by Minda. Jason is a very talented singer and musician and there is not much he doesn’t know about music over the ages.
So I know how vital Minda’s services are.
Jason’s walking has deteriorated in the last few years to the point where he struggles to move around independently and uses a wheelchair if any walking is involved.
This lack of mobility frustrates him enormously.
Recently we took him to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia to catch up with some friends from the UK who had not seen him for some time.
Jason loves to try new things and has a “need for speed”. He had been on a jet ski with his Dad and had managed to lean over too far and tip them both into the water.
On his “bucket list” was his wish to Parasail solo.
So even though he struggled to get out of his wheelchair and had to be helped down to the dock and into the boat, he took to the air and I think the expression on his face shows just how much this achievement meant to him.

I can fly

 Joy of Life

By Kate Sykes

This is a celebration of the diversity of life, the joy of the colours in both the fabrics and mankind.

joy of life

Sky Fire

By Raylee Bielenberg

A favorite way for Australians to celebrate enmass is with fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful in the night sky.
New Years in our capital cities is a colourful night.


Small Moments

By Katherine Jones

In the ebb and flow of life celebrate the everyday moments.


Small moments

The Child of the Dragon

By Tonia Brooks

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is a long held tradition of the Chinese people. For Janice Stroud the piecer of this quilt there is also a personal connection.
For Janice and her sister Rhonda it is a remembrance of their heritage.
Their great grandfather William Archer (Ahchow) arrived in Cairns, Australia in 1877. Like many of the Chinese of the time he had varied occupations, most of them involving hard work. One of his most notable connections was as a carpenter, who participated in the building of the Hou Wang Miau (Temple) in Artherton. The tin and timber built temple is the only remaining example from 112 across Australia and New Zealand.
The “celebration of Chinese New Year bean out of fear and myth. Many legends speak of a wild beast (the dragon) coming at the end of the year to take away good fortune and happiness. Loud noises and bright lights (fireworks) were used to scare the beast away and so the New Year celebrations were born.
The design of the quilt depicts the dragon flying up into the night sky surrounded by the fireworks exploding around him. The colours are reflected off his scales as he twists and turns leaving the earth and noise behind.
The children of the dragon, their temple and New Years intertwine to culminate in the celebration of good-fortune, prosperity and happiness for the coming year.

child of the dragon (Sold for $1001-)

The Cupboard of Life's Celebrations

By Kim Peake

This quilt is about how we fill our shelves and cupboards with objects of importance. We have photos of celebration events like weddings and birthdays. We collect objects such as cake toppers, cards and gifts we don’t use but can't throw away. These objects are valuable only to us and we like to see them on display, around our homes. They remind us of happy events we have celebrated with people we love. Our friends and family are important to all of us and this cupboard represents all these celebrations.

cupboard of lives celebrations


Tree of Celebration

By Sue Allen

My journey through life over the past few years has allowed me to appreciate many things that we often take for granted.
A small hiccup in life has altered my path and given me many opportunities that I could only have dreamt about previously.
Shortly after my sister-in-law was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, it was my turn. The Tree of Life is a significant symbol for us and I still treasure the bracelet, bearing tree charms, I was gifted. We are both currently well and cancer free.
I travelled to India last year and experienced the festivity of colour and overwhelming friendliness and happiness. The Hindu philosophy of obtaining joy from life resonates with me.
Every day is a celebration for me but even more so now that I am able to pursue my passion with sewing, crafting and education. Even though I strive for perfection, it often eludes me, but with every new project I learn a little more and can't wait to share my success, failures with others.
I had so many ideas bubbling over in my head and desperately wanted them to ALL be here in this item you see before you. Many a moment I was ready to scrap this due to time constraints and things not going according to plan. I have decided to let you see my work, not to judge me, but to see me.
Life is what you make it, imperfections and bumps and all.

tree of celebration

Tree of Life

By Clarissa Daking

The 'Tree of Life' to me is a celebration of life and the people in my life. To those that keep me grounded, my roots, nourishing me and supporting me reach further, stretch, dream, reach for the sky. Those that help me throw caution to the wind, feel the breeze, flutter and fly free. The way I can support others, find shelter, a home, give my strength to them. I feel a connection with all the tree stands for, eternal, connected to the earth and sky – a true celebration of life.

Tree of Life


Whirlwind of Celebrations

By Lynn Callaghan

Colours whirling around always remind me of fireworks, which are always used to celebrate an event.

whirlwind of celebration