New website is now live!

Festival has a new website…. it has been a very long week with many late nights to learn and create this.

Love the new testimonials, plus I can incorporate posts straight to Facebook. Amazing what automation can be done.

Thank you to those that have been checking and testing the new site. I do hope you all have a little look around and play with the new features. Check out the latest news on the new blog and also note how you can select a ‘tag’ to find all posts related together.

If you don’t ‘do’ Facebook very often and worry about missing out on updates then you can also subscribe to get blog posts in your email inbox and/or subscribe to the newsletter. Blog posts will happen much more often than newsletters however. So that is the quickest way to be kept up to date with information!

When the time comes to upload all the classes/ticketing, it will be the same as what I have used for the past two Festivals. Your login and passwords will be unchanged.

Hopefully my testers have found all my spelling and grammatical errors, but if you DO find something that is not quite right then please let me know ASAP so I can correct it!

Time for a break… more updates will come soon on even more amazing teachers that are coming to Festival to share their knowledge with us all!

Happy quilting


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