Domestic ruler classes with Anita & Janet update!!

Before you commit to purchasing these amazing classes on Sunday 25th (I know you want to!!!) remember that these will be limited numbers….so get in early.

Now I’ve had a REALLY good question raised today about these classes and the need to purchase specific rulers to be able to participate. Yes you will need to purchase rulers or use the ones you already own BUT the great news is that no matter if you have a low shank or high shank machine at home – you will be able to use the rulers that suit your own machine.

After consulting with the experts I had this reply:

The Brother machines supplied are going to be high shank (VQ2400) and able to use low or high shank rulers.  Great news as students can order their preferred size rulers from the teachers and use them on machines at home and in class on the fabulous Brother VQ2400 machines too. 

Most machines, even if they are high shank can use the low shank templates, so long as the machine doesn’t hop.

Can’t wait to see the results from all these classes this year!

Not long now…. have you got your registration fee paid yet? Get in before Sunday morning and it will save you some time as you will be able to login and start choosing your classes straight away.

happy quilting and planning




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