WHAT’S HOT with our Teachers 2!

Hello there!

So it’s been a week (okay, more than a week) since we posted the latest news on our AMQ Festival Teachers… We know you’d love to know more so here you go!


Lyn Crump has won a teachers ribbon at the MQX Show last week for her amazing traditional quilting on her feathered star quilt. She’s an amazing teacher, no doubt about that!
Oh, by the way, that image you see below was grabbed from her Instagram Page (@busyquilting). That’s her showing her skills and techniques in paperless paper piecing. 🙂We’re sure you’re eager to learn from her so go ahead and register for her classes now!






Janet Colins has been busy catering to her customers. She’s not shy in giving away ideas and responding to customer queries off and online! You can bet that you’ll learn a ton from this lovely lady!



Lady Lilac (pictured below) was designed by no other than AMQ Festival Helen Stubbings. Gorgeous, isn’t it? We got a lot of queries and amazing feedback from customers and followers about this! If that doesn’t convince you to sign up and register for her classes now, I’m not sure what will! 😉
Lady Lilac was quilted by yours truly; Fabrics and pattern by my amazing sister, Helen Stubbings 🙂



That’s a wrap for this week! Tune in again next week for the hottest news about your AMQ Festival Teachers.
Talk soon!

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