Meet Helen Stubbings!

Barely 9 weeks left till the most-awaited event of the year  – The Australian Machine Quilting Festival
I know you’re as excited as we are! 
We want to celebrate and thank our teaching staff this year for taking the time in their busy schedules, to teach and inspire all attendees.
We’ve been posting videos and sharing blogs made by our wonderful teachers. Yes, we want everyone to be aware of what they’re up to, to get you more excited!
This time, we want to pay tribute to their dedication and unparalleled skills, by showing you some of their achievements and a little bit of what you can learn from them at the Festival.
We’ll be featuring each teacher on our blog (about a handful of them each week), so stay tuned! 😉
First in line is the amazing Helen Stubbings! Woohoo!
Helen hails from Hobart, at the very bottom of Tasmania, which is an Island state at the very bottom of Australia. Growing up on a farm near a very small country town, Helen learned to entertain herself from a young age. Learning to use her hands to achieve her ideas was a necessity. Hence, with a dressmaker and embroiderer for a Grandmother, a mother as a pianist and florist, and a father who could make anything from wood or metal, it was nearly pre-determined that she was going to be creative!
Eager to learn more about Helen? Here’s a video about her… Enjoy!

You can see all 4 classes being offered by Helen by visiting her page here

Learn by ‘doing’ in her Invisible Machine Applique’ class, or try some relaxing handwork by learning how to fussy cut & piece your new project. Free motion quilting combined with Inktense pencils will create your own individual masterpiece! Plus drawing/learning to design your own original Mandala design. These can be used as a quilting design, stitchery design or even an applique’ design.

more soon…


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