Quilt Challenge entries closed!

Oh my goodness!! Just wait until you see the amazing variety and quality of all the challenge quilts… I’m so excited about these. We have quilts from Europe, New Zealand and 5 states of Australia (where are all the WA quilters??)

All the acceptance emails have been sent with instructions for delivery yesterday, so if you did not receive this then please contact me ASAP to be sent again. This is just a sneaky peak at just a few!

I’m very pleased to announce our judges for this challenge:

Val Towill – Bluegum Quilts: (representing major sponsor of this challenge – AMQA)

Is a longtime AMQA member, who has been quilting commercially for a great number of years. Val has been a dedicated leader of the AMQA Committee running the quilt show each year at Festival and has had experience judging quilt shows in her local area.


Lyn Crump – Busy Quilting:  

Lyn is currently in training to be a certified quilt judge with NSW Quilt Guild and has had lots of experience judging quilt shows in recent years. She has been piecing quilts for over 16 years, machine quilting for 12½ years, and longarm quilting for 9 years. She is also an International Award winning quilter! Very early in her quilting journey she realised that she preferred to make subtle changes to commercial patterns to make them her own. Soon she was designing all her own quilts, no longer purchasing Quilting Magazines but rather drawing inspiration from the Internet and her ever increasing personal library, taking classes at every opportunity with local, National and International tutors.

We are thrilled to have both Val and Lyn judging our challenge quilts this year!

Lyn is also one of our amazing teachers this year. Her class ‘Use it or Lose it!’ on Friday evening is a ‘must do’ class for those running a longarm quilting home based business. Perfect for beginners, but even those with some experience are bound to pick up some fantastic tips in this class.

Lyn finds it disappointing that many quilters buy themselves a movable machine for quilting then wonder what they have got themselves into. Let her share the hints she has found in her longarming journey so that yours will be an easier one. Sometimes the simplest of gadgets can give you the extra hand that makes life so much easier. She’d like to see every owner having an enjoyable experience with their machines so will take you through loading a quilt to sorting those tension headaches to keeping a top square.

Register here to join Lyn’s class this year at Festival.

Happy quilting!


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