How many charity quilts can we finish over Festival?

That will be the question!!

A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter (both sponsors) have committed to quilting as many charity quilts as possible over the duration of Festival for the Clayton’s committee based here in Adelaide.

The Clayton’s Committee led by Lessa Siegele, “are thrilled to have some of our charity quilts quilted for us so a big thank you from all of us.  We supply quilts to the Palliative Care unit at QEH and on average they need 10 a month so it keeps this small group very busy.  We also still supply smaller quilts and kids quilts to Lyell McEwin Hospital.  The quilts for QEH are approx. 48″ square and we always have a stash of quilt tops waiting to be quilted.”

Some of these quilts are also samples for their other project which is raising money for Bedford.  For the last 10 years they have cut quilt kits from donated fabric and over this time have raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for Bedford.  These began as Mystery Quilts but now they cut kits for about 10 or more different patterns and in different colours depending on the fabric donated and sell them for $50 each.  These are also 48″ square and they let the people buying choose which pattern and/or colour way they like.  Members of the committee also travel to groups in the city or country to conduct a Bedford day at no cost to the group except for supplying the venue and the students and these are very popular.  Faye Packham and Lessa have now retired from teaching quilting and traveling all over the place so they have time to do this and they take a couple of extra committee members who iron and unpick on the day and everyone has a good time.

The Clayton’s group will be in booth# 36 hand stitching down the binding on the finished quilts and chatting to anyone who wants to learn more about all their wonderful charity work.

A1 Quilting Machines and Intelliquilter booths will be hopping this year with one machine dedicated to quilting these charity quilts and 2 more available for demonstrations and to test drive.

There is an A1 Dealer Team here in Australia, who all work together to support customers. In the booth you will meet Raylee Bielenberg, Tonia Brooks and Lisa Warne and of course I’ll be swanning around festival, but am the fourth dealer!!

If you are keen to see a little challenge on Sunday, then check with the girls to find out exactly when they are going to have a race. Hand guided panto against Intelliquilter to complete a charity quilt each.

Tonia will also be providing some exciting ‘Quick Tutes’ on using the Intelliquilter. To know when – download our Festival App to follow the schedule!

Intelliquilter Ten Minute Tutes

Tute 1 – Mix and Match E2E
Using IQ to mix together 2 different patterns to create a new design.

Tute2 – Create your own E2E
Geometrics Catalogue for creating your own E2E fun.

Tute 3 – Line Pattern becomes E2E
Creating a E2E pattern using different line design patterns.

Tute 4 – No Sew Zones for E2E
Don’t sew where you don’t want to.  Create blocks from appliqué shapes

Tute 5 – Fan Yourself
Hot ideas for creating new block patterns with IQ Fan.

Tute 6 – Hot Tips for Borders and Blocks
How IQ can solve wonky blocks and borders

Tute 7 – Stretch that pattern
Using stretch and distort to fit border patterns perfectly

Tute 8 – Divide and Conquer
Using to Divide to create E2E and Border Designs

Tute 9 – Wreath Love
Wreaths of all shapes and sizes.  Feathers and beyond.

Tute 10 – I’m in ditches
Using IQ Line pattern to ditch stitch.

In October 2010, Tonia attended the inaugural Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide where she purchased her first A1 Longarm Quilting Machine from Tracey Browning of Constantine Quilts and there began an interesting journey.

Beginning as a hand guided longarm quilter Tonia quickly embraced the concepts of Edge to edge and began specialising in custom design, where a passion was quickly discovered.  Four years later with the introduction of an Intelliquilter – a robotic quilting system – to her A1 Longarm it quickly became apparent that creating designs on the Intelliquilter tablet and then being able to quilt them straight from Intelliquilter onto a quilt was going to be a whole new world.

In 2016, at AMQ Festival, Tonia taught her first set of classes on designing with Intelliquilter. Sharing creative ways of quilting is the driving force behind Tonia’s passion, and with support from her quilting friends began Brookston Designs, her digital quilting pattern design business.  Thanks to the mentoring from Tracey Browning and Crystal Smythe of her dream has become a reality.

To celebrate Tonia’s Australian launch of ‘Brookston Designs’ she is offering a half price digital sweetheart pattern when using the code: TONIA in the shopping cart at Intelligent Quilting.

Tonia’s patterns can be purchased here.
You can also follow Tonia on her Facebook page or her blog for all new pattern releases and updates

Less than 2 weeks now until we move down to the city to setup and be ready to greet everyone!

Not panicking….only packing!


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