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Hi everyone!

If you have downloaded and starting using our festival app – Whova, then you can also view easily the schedule for all the free workshops an demonstrations happening in the vendor mall! Open the app on your device and navigate to the Agenda. On the top of the screen you can open the ‘tracks’ and choose what you want to see on the main stage, Intelliquilter, Bernina and Brother.

We will have Intelliquilter 10min Quick Tutes

Tute 1 – Mix and Match E2E
Using IQ to mix together 2 different patterns to create a new design.

Tute2 – Create your own E2E

Geometrics Catalogue for creating your own E2E fun.

Tute 3 – Line Pattern becomes E2E
Creating a E2E pattern using different line design patterns.

Tute 4 – No Sew Zones for E2E
Don’t sew where you don’t want to.  Create blocks from appliqué shapes

Tute 5 – Fan Yourself
Hot ideas for creating new block patterns with IQ Fan.

Tute 6 – Hot Tips for Borders and Blocks
How IQ can solve wonky blocks and borders

Tute 7 – Stretch that pattern
Using stretch and distort to fit border patterns perfectly

Tute 8 – Divide and Conquer
Using to Divide to create E2E and Border Designs

Tute 9 – Wreath Love
Wreaths of all shapes and sizes.  Feathers and beyond.

Tute 10 – I’m in ditches
Using IQ Line pattern to ditch stitch.


PLUS Aggy Burzyk on the Bernina booth with her demos

SID – “Stitch in the Ditch” – all the help you can get!
“Oh, JUST stitch a bit arounds the blocks – that is easy and quick”. Who has not heard this from customers? And let’s be honest, haven’t you secretly been rolling your eyes upon hearing this? Well, perfect stitch-in-the-ditch is not as easy as it seems, but Aggy will show you in her demo some tricks and little helpers that will make the job much easier and have all lines sit with perfection in the ditch!

Q-matic – FAQ
Join Aggy and discuss frequently asked questions and possible solutions to special quilting needs. All are welcome, whether you are a Q-matic owner or thinking of purchasing the automated quilting system from BERNINA.

Pantograph Quilting A to Z 

Pantograph quilting is the easiest and fastest way to professionally quilt for others. Are you new to longarm quilting or would you like to know just a bit more before deciding on your own longarm? Don’t miss this lecture/demo class in which Aggy will show you the basics of the pantograph quilting process, as well as some tricks how to adapt the pantograph design to your needs and also what to look out for while loading your quilt, advancing the quilt and when accurately setting the top, side and lower borders of the quilt.

Q-matic – from the design to your quilted block
This demonstration will show you the first steps of quilting with BERNINA’s automated system Q-matic. Choose your design, adapt your design and place it perfectly into a quilt block. Easy as one-two-three with Q-matic.

Rulers, Echo Rings – all the help you can get!
Why not use all the help you can get to achieve perfect quilted designs without automation? Don’t miss this lecture/demo class in which Aggy will show you some tricks of the trade including rulers and echo rings and how to combine them for perfect quilting results. The demo will also include an overview of available tracing and marking tools and where and when NOT to use them.

Busy Fabric – Fantastic Borders
Fearing those wide borders with super busy fabric? Don’t fear any more as Aggy will show you how to tame and structure these borders with a WOW effect.

Echo and Micro Fillers
Echo quilting and filler designs are just perfect to fill those frightening empty negative spaces and give some drama to your quilting. Join Aggy in this lecture/demo presentation where she will show you how to perfectly combine basic ruler work, echo quilting and easy freehand filler designs.

plus Brother Australia

Each day they are having 4 Free workshops on their booth. See them to book your spot!!

Brother Scan’n’Cut
You will cut the applique’ pieces on the Scan N Cut then we will show you how you can complete your project with thread sketching on one of the fantastic Brother machines.
*Great specials will be available on the stand with extra discounts for the Scan N Cut machines used for the workshop.


Busy packing everything for the next 2 days! Hope I don’t forget anything…

see you soon!


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