Wow!! The time has come to party…

Hi everyone!

I am in Adelaide since yesterday doing all the massive prep work to make all this happen for everyone! Huge thanks to my daughter, Sarah – whom most of you know & love or will meet this week as my right hand person…

She had fun testing my scooter yesterday on the loading dock! All those huge boxes behind her belong to Festival (you). We have yet to move & unpack them though… you can see the video on our facebook page!

So for some housekeeping.

WEDNESDAY – Ricky Tims Masterclass Lectures

7.30am .     Registration desk opens to collect your syllabus bag. To be held in the Panorama Rooms on Level 1. If you come in the Western Entrance then turn to your left and go up the escalators you will arrive in the Panorama Foyer overlooking the beautiful river. You will find us there. There is all day tea/coffee and morning fruit baskets included in your ticket. Lunch is for 90 min and you will need to find your own, I suggest heading outside downstairs towards the river to Home Ground where there is a variety of cafes to serve you with a great outlook.

This day ends at 5pm. During the breaks there will be opportunities to purchase both Ricky’s fabrics and also some of his books and DVD’s.

Just so you know- Wednesday is also very busy building quilt frames, judging the quilt challenge, finishing the packing of registration bags & generally setting up the structures. I have many wonderful volunteers missing out on Ricky, doing these jobs. Please be patient with us whilst this is all happening so that you can enjoy it.
Quilts for the Quilt Show can be dropped at the registration desk between 4-6pm to Rebecca Venning. We will still be setting this up for opening Thursday morning, but Bec will be there to sign in your quilts between setting up.

THURSDAY is the day that we will be able to open the registration desk in Foyer M. It will open at 7.30am for you to come & collect your bags, name tags etc. We have 3 staff on this desk and there will be 3 lines (split alphabetically) to try and speedily get these out to you. You MUST have your barcoded registration ticket to exchange for your bag/name badge. IF you want to exchange classes or purchase new ones then please be patient and maybe wait until there are less people lined up to be able to do this. My staff will still be learning the system, but will catch on fast once you all test their skills I’m sure.

Remember there is a $10 exchange fee for all classes you wish to change and it is your responsibility to check online for the supply lists required to attend those classes.

Please also give priority to those with early classes on Thursday so that they can quickly get there with no delays. You MUST bring with you your barcoded ticket to each class to hand over to the class angel, who will also check off your name on the class list.

Lastly, class angels are to collect the ‘class envelope’ from the registration desk at least 10 min prior to the class and arrive early to collect tickets & mark off attendees. All class angels have been contacted and confirmed so I’m hoping this will all run smoothly for most of the time. However, life does happen sometimes and if you find yourself without a class angel for whatever reason, please do not panic but contact the registration desk who will arrange for everything to happen as it should (or put your hand up to be our delightful ‘step-in’ angel for that class. It is not a tough job and your teacher will be forever grateful. Hope you like the wings I found for you!! Would be great quilted don’t you think?

I have EIGHT tickets left to the cocktail party – so if you were on the fence about coming to drink, eat, network and be a participant in our first ever

QuIP (Quilting Industry Panel of Experts forum) then get online to purchase your ticket NOW!

There will be Adelaide Convention staff at many locations in the building that will also direct you if you can’t find us! Plus signage showing the way as well. This year we are in the new Western buildings in Halls L & M and on the lower level Riverbank Rms 5-8 for most classes. Domestic classrooms are in Hall L, There are lifts to get down to the lower classrooms for those that need to use them.

Above all – I wish you all the most fantastical Festival experience!  I’ve worked really hard for 2 years for this to happen again and could not have done all of it without assistance from my family and staff. So huge thanks to all of them (you know who you are)

I’ll see some of you tonight at Kat Jone’s Trunk Show event & many more early tomorrow morning coming to Ricky Tims. Just watch out for my scooter!!!



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