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More classes are now full…

Congratulations to the following teachers for filling their classes with still 13 weeks to go! Since the initial flurry we have seen a steady stream of bookings to support our wonderful teaching staff. The classes filled since our last announcement are: Date filled Date/time of class Name of class  31/3/18 21 Sept 6pm  The Confident […]

Who is Janet Collins??

I recently asked all our teachers to answer some questions, so that we can get to know them better before September! Our first ‘profile’ is  Janet Collins Can you tell us a bit about your background in textiles? Where/how did you learn and how long have you been crafting? I can’t remember when I […]

Only hours to go until class registrations open!

Purchase your Registration Fee NOW, to save time in the morning when purchasing classes. Online Registration Just a final reminder that Class Registrations open at 8am South Australian (Adelaide) time on Sunday 25th March. There are limited seats in many classes, so it will be first in to secure your tickets for all domestic hands […]

Domestic ruler classes with Anita & Janet update!!

Before you commit to purchasing these amazing classes on Sunday 25th (I know you want to!!!) remember that these will be limited numbers….so get in early. Now I’ve had a REALLY good question raised today about these classes and the need to purchase specific rulers to be able to participate. Yes you will need to […]