Seven years ago I initiated discussions with Ricky Tims to come to Australia to present at AMQ Festival 2012, which was a huge event with nearly 300 in attendance. Quilters from near and far participated, were inspired and entertained by a truly talented quilter and musician.

We are thrilled to be hosting Ricky again in 2018 for a full day of Masterclasses that are 100% new material as of January 2017. You won’t want to miss out on possibly his last trip to Australia!

Ricky will be presenting the following topics with all new content in four 1 1/2hr sessions in one day. There will be a chance to shop during the breaks.

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Topics include:


These Masterclass Lectures will expand your quilting toolbox. The methods and techniques that are presented are diverse. Not only do you learn a variety of uncommon and sometimes unorthodox techniques, you will also learn which technique is the most appropriate to use in any given situation. Ricky covers a variety of piecing, appliqué, design, quilting, and finishing techniques. You’ll learn about colour, fabric selection, and design. You’ll learn how to take traditional patterns and make them uniquely yours and you’ll discover how a pattern can work for any quilting genre.


The uplifting and encouraging atmosphere will inspire you. Quilters know that quilting is more than just making a quilt. You will find a wealth of inspiration in the anecdotes that accompany the lessons.


Expect to leave the seminar with more than just quilting knowledge. Ricky infuses into each lesson a healthy dose of value, worth, purpose, and self-confidence for each person attending. Not only will you leave feeling like a new quilter—you’ll most likely leave feeling like a new person!


Ricky has a unique and pragmatic way to help you realize your full creative potential. He unmasks the creative psyche and reveals common attributes (both good and bad) that creative individuals share. He also reinforces the fundamental elements of design and composition in such a way that anyone can absorb them. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design are presented in tandem with live music to demonstrate how different artistic mediums are created using the same attributes.

No Secrets

Ricky never keeps any part of a method or technique hidden. His secrets are about simplicity, saving time, quality of workmanship, and effectiveness.

Masterclass Lectures open for registration at 8am on Thursday 1st Feb 2018. $225 for 6 hours with Ricky!

If you are unable to view the ticketing on your device below the Earlybird pricing box then please click HERE to go directly to the ticketing page to purchase at 8am on 1st Feb.