Festival Quilt Show

For our 5th Anniversary we are going to do something a little different with a celebration of quilts on display! I invite ALL past students and attendees of Festival along with all customers of Constantine Quilts to enter their prize winning quilts to be judged by their peers and gain the coveted ‘Viewer’s Choice’ award.

I am very proud and humbled by all my friends, acquaintances, students and customers that have challenged themselves to learn more, do more & achieve more in their quilting endeavours. So much so, that I would love to honour you all by being able to once again, display your award winning quilts for all to enjoy. So many times I hear that a special quilt has won awards & now languishes on a wall, bed or in a cupboard as you can’t enter them into shows where they have already been seen. I’d like to think that I’ve played just a teeny, tiny role in your quilting career and now want to show your quilts to more people who really appreciate them.

So this is your chance to bring them out to be admired, oohed & aahhed over, appreciated and loved once again. We will have an amazing display of stunning quilts and be very honoured to receive the best award of all – the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ award amongst the best of the best.

I am thrilled to announce some great sponsors that are supporting this initiative who are excited to be involved in celebrating this display. Please take the time to acknowledge them when you enter your quilts. Click on their logo to send them a thank you email straight away!

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Our wonderful sponsors for Festival Quilt Show!

Value: $800

Voucher for goods

Cash: $300

Cash: $300

Value: $210.50
Large spool collection – 12 x 50wt cotton thread

Value: $90.00

Liquid Radiance Mini-Pack with a handbook and DVD

AMQ Festival Quilt Show 2018

Terms & Conditions of Entry

  1. Quilt competition entries must be received on-line no later than 31st August, 2018. Acceptance letters will go out on or about 2nd September, 2018 by e-mail. If no e-mail address is available, please supply the e-mail address of a friend or relative that is nearby who might be able to accept the letter for you. Instructions for delivery will be included in this email. Postage costs to send & return your quilts to AMQ Festival Show 2018 are the responsibility of the entrant.
  2. Entrants must submit a separate entry form and an $8.00 entry fee per quilt. We would prefer you Internet Bank your fees and confirm the details on the entry form as listed, or you can pay securely by Credit card online.
  3. Quilt entries must have been awarded a ribbon of any type to be entered into this competition, with providence provided of awards received.
  4. A photo of the complete quilt and another of the detail of the quilting must be provided with each entry. Please name your images with Quilt name/entrant name/full or closeup.
  5. All entries must be machine quilted. Quilting may be done on any type of machine including, but not limited to, domestic sewing machine, longarm, midarm or shortarm.
  6. There is only ONE category. Any customer of Constantine Quilts or previous student of AMQ Festival that has won an award is invited to enter this show. We want to celebrate your achievements!
  7. A 10cm deep rod pocket/hanging sleeve must be attached to the top of your quilt and a label detailing your name, contact details including address and telephone number along with the date of completion. This may be a temporary label.
  8. AMQ Festival’s insurance liability is limited to public liability only. By signing the entry form you are agreeing to display your quilt with this knowledge and accept that you may wish to personally insure your own quilts. AMQ Festival will do everything in its power to safeguard entries. However, transporting your quilt to/from ANY show is a risk and we aim to limit that risk. Transportation companies do not pay claims for quilt loss or damage without a certified appraisal. No matter what the value, consider carrying your own quilt insurance AND having your quilt appraised by a certified appraiser, especially if the quilt is irreplaceable.
  9. AMQ Festival will award the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ prizes to the ENTRANT. The entrant may share any prize at his/her discretion. When an entry is machine quilted or pieced by someone other than the entrant, two ribbons will be awarded.
  10. Quilts accepted into AMQ Festival Show 2018 must be available from September 12th through to September 26th 2018. NOTE: Quilts are able to be collected in person at the end of the last day of the Show on Sunday, 23rd September. Quilts cannot be collected from the quilt show without the receipt. NO RECEIPT, NO QUILT RETURNED. AMQ Festival reserves the right to photograph any or all entries for publication and for other appropriate purposes.
  11. The vote count will be announced at 3pm on Sunday 23rd September and prizes awarded at that time on the main stage. Collection of prizes is preferred on the day if present. Delivery of prizes will be the responsibility of AMQ Festival or the sponsor.
  12. AMQ Festival will not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by any person or organisation due to infringement of copyright.
Enter the Festival Quilt Show here!